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Which class will you use? (Archived)Octotron98/3/2012
Anybody Getting This Early ? (Archived)
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Any Scandinavians here that pre-ordered the ULCE @ Gamestop? (Archived)
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Most recent version of Unreal Engine 3? (Archived)Lord XIII28/2/2012
Is Dr. Zed returning? (Archived)zoom242028/2/2012
Who will you use in your first playtrough? (Poll)
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Health damage vs Shield damage (Archived)LazarusNecrosis48/2/2012
Just had an interesting idea. (Archived)Gotenksgeto108/2/2012
Are you able to holster your gun while walking around in town? (Archived)EtroAnime58/2/2012
Waiting for BL2, playing BL1 in the meantime: (Archived)Voltron_Force58/2/2012
Best online deals? (Archived)
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Has there been any info regarding multiple sequential quest item locations? (Archived)Gotenksgeto58/2/2012
No more revolver ammo? (Archived)
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So I haven't really been following too much about this game. (Archived)xPercivala2536x68/2/2012
Borderlands 2 the third highest preordered game for Take Two (Archived)yanksfan424738/2/2012
Who would love a NPC that could sell your stuff without you leaving an area? (Archived)
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My player shop idea. (Archived)
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Something I think would be great after tredging through the Underdome just now. (Archived)xPercivala2536x28/2/2012
So does money pick up automatically? (Archived)
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I know what you will find in the Golden Chests. (Archived)
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