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Grenade Mod Speculation. Also facts. (Archived)
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so any idea when we can see a talent calculator? (Archived)MetroidHunter13106/17/2012
Ultimate loot chest edition is about 21 inches in size. (Archived)Coop1496/17/2012
The only part of the special edition I want is... (Archived)
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Buy 1 or wait for 2? (Archived)
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jimjay9k156/17/2012 has Ultimate Loot Chest Edition...? (Archived)SinisterSyn36/16/2012
If they took away the crazy gun loot would you buy it still? (Archived)
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This game looks to much like Rage. (Archived)
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Would this have split screen co-op like the first one? (Archived)Frozen_Memories76/16/2012
Commando walkthrough video (9 min; E3 demo section) (Archived)NoBullet26/16/2012
new info video (minor spoilers) (Archived)__B__16/15/2012
Im curious how much the Loot Chest Edition will go for at this point. (Archived)Coop1476/15/2012
Looking for a couple people to play borderlands with. (Archived)Vykeria16/15/2012
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Ideas that might help our loot hunting (Archived)
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