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LF Practicable Slow Hand and Block Head (Archived)necroninja6956/19/2013
LF: Level 61 Gub (Archived)GrimlockSmash46/19/2013
Suggestions for late tvhm gear for melee Kreig (Archived)reload8836/19/2013
Looking for people to play with *minor spoilers* (Archived)voiceless0_056/19/2013
LF some people to play with that aren't going to use modded stuff (Archived)TrialZero65456/19/2013
rare loot increase relic and infinity pistol (Archived)
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LF A Few Things (Archived)coachabs46/19/2013
Just an idea I had to give more life to the endgame (Archived)MoeLester51886/19/2013
Why is the blockhead so good? (Archived)BurstBear36/19/2013
Best Prefix for the CC? (Archived)SenorSkeletor96/19/2013
Between Sapping, Flying and Stopping Shock Sandhawk (Archived)ItsAnAddiction86/19/2013
is the dlc worth buying season pass? (Archived)xChaos00136/19/2013
LF Storm Fronts (Archived)Bones_McGee56/19/2013
I can't believe I didn't download these DLC's earlier... (Archived)
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Caustic Caverns Door (Archived)iOutlawTorn56/19/2013
Advice on what Legendary Weapons to Farm (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Psycho Bug? (Archived)Knight_Rider_3K76/19/2013
Out of all the new dlc weapons released so far,which one is your favorite? (Archived)
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Giving away lots of character skins and heads (Archived)
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Arrrgg RANDOMS!! (Archived)
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