Surprised this board isn't more active

#1lynnster742Posted 4/29/2012 9:37:25 PM
I'm personally really psyched for this game. Looks like a game of the year front runner for sure. Seems like the gameplay is smoother and has more variety this time around, and the changes they made to some of the gun manufacturers (Tediore, Torgue, Vladof in particular) are awesome.
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#2Power TurtlePosted 4/29/2012 11:44:39 PM
Many boards for a highly anticipated game stay quiet up until release. The board was buzzing months ago with the Doomday release date trailer, but not too terribly much has been released since. It'll surely gain some life starting at E3 and the following 2 months until release.
#3will57Posted 4/30/2012 12:15:01 PM
It seems natural for a board to not be active when there isn't really much going on.

When new news comes up there's a slight increase in activity for a couple of days, maybe a week. Otherwise until the game comes out there's not much to talk about.
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#44nationfuryPosted 5/3/2012 5:13:28 PM

I'm sure the boards will become more active as we move closer to the game's release. It's still far off really.