Flinter (TMNT quest line)

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User Info: adamolden

4 years ago#1
So I spent like a good five mins trying to figure out what the hell those different switches did to control that panel, til I realized each switch has like 2 different results when you activate it. Figured it had to do with some sort of treasure hidden somewhere, then I finally unlocked it and Flinter spawned.

Considering I took the four dudes without difficulty, I though, oh cool, Flinter, he'll be easy too kill to. What a funny reference. Nope. He killed me in like ten seconds. I couldn't hurt him with anything, and I had several purples. Respawned, managed to get green fire going on him (corrode and fire) and his health went down a bit. But he still got me. When I respawned he was dead, from elemental damage i guess, and he dropped SWEEEET loot.

Anyway, what was the deal with that guy? He give anyone else trouble?

User Info: Fryer

4 years ago#2
I was not expecting him to pop out when I did it but I turned around and blasted him with a rocket launcher and he died in no time. He dropped crap loot for me though.

User Info: skatecboy45

4 years ago#3
I was waiting for someone else to get the TMNT reference, haha. As for me, once I got Flinter to spawn, I went at him with this powerful shotgun I found. Took a few hits, but it did the job. The loot was lame though. I'm gonna go back there some time.

User Info: gna647

4 years ago#4
i just phaselocked him and emptied a mag into him

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User Info: WiffleJr

4 years ago#5
My turrent took him out with a bunch of missiles as soon as he spawned. I did not get to fight him :(
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User Info: _AverageGamer

4 years ago#6
gna647 posted...
i just phaselocked him and emptied a mag into him

siren class master race.

Yeah, did the same thing. Fell real quick.
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