Mutated Varkid Samples *Minor Spoilers*

#1SmugglinMooglesPosted 9/24/2012 10:46:53 AM
Is there a way to get Mordecai (aka I'm a homeless alcoholic moron) to stop firing his sniper rifle? He's stopping the varkids from getting through their "cocoon" phase so I can't get them to mutate which is making gathering samples impossible.
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#2FF_FiendPosted 9/24/2012 10:48:47 AM
I just finished this mission, and NO THANKS to mordecai, who messed it up for me multiple times. If there's a way to get him to stop firing at this mission, I don't know it.
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#3spnccarmanPosted 9/24/2012 10:49:57 AM
mighty morphin' right? you can go anywhere else there's varkid and do the mission, i completed it in caustic caverns
#4WyrmcraftPosted 9/24/2012 12:37:41 PM
AKA: Complete the story line mission and he'll stop. Also he won't shoot through the mountain on the way to Sir Reginald Bossfight so go there.
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