Help? Moxxi tip jar problem

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4 years ago#1
I'm having trouble getting the corrosive gun. Here's what's happening.

I hadn't put anything in the tip jar at all until lvl 50. When I hit 50, I went back to the first playthrough and tipped her and got both guns -- capped at lvl 30.

When I went back to playthrough 2, I tipped her more and she forked over the fire gun at lvl 50 (her "favorite")... but not the corrosive gun. I kept tipping her, and then she once again gave the message about "here's my favorite gun," then just sat there... and I could no longer put tips in the jar at all.

The tip jar opens up again every time I either leave Sanctuary or reload my game, but every time the same thing happens... she gives me her "favorite" fire gun first, and then I keep tipping her and get a second message about her "favorite," followed by her sitting there not doing anything.

Can anyone help? I want that damned corrosive gun very badly. SMGs are my favorite weapons, and Moxxi's corrosive SMG always comes with +70% crit. That would be hugely helpful against all the Hyperion loaders...
4 years ago#2
Alright, got a second controller? If so, start the game with the character you want the Badtouch with, then sign in as guest on a new character with your second controller. Give the second character money and go spam 100 at moxxi, not 1000.

She will give the Badtouch scaled to your main characters level. normally takes around 10k-15k, sometimes earlier
4 years ago#3
^ Wow, why didn't I think of that... I was having same problem as TC, she always give me her first gun no problem, but when it comes to giving the 2nd she never does, and I been needing a good Corrosive SMG, too.

I just tried it now and it worked perfectly, thanks a lot to above poster :)
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4 years ago#4
No problem, I was in the same boat and got really desperate lol
4 years ago#5
Thanks, I'll try this and report back.
4 years ago#6
I've gotten about 5 Corosive SMGs already doing that. I will note that she's still a bit slow giving the gun out, but she usually hands it out within 10sec of her saying you can have her gun, so don't panic if she doesn't give it to you immediately.

Edit: Another thing I noticed is, she's giving me the gun almost guaranteed in like only 1k-1.5k worth of tips, which is extremely nice, even though I have a lot of cash. Another thing is, you don't have to keep making new chars over and over, the same one will do as long as you keep money on it and take the gun from your main char and not the sub one for getting the gun.
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2, Dead or Alive 5. I like grinding for hours and hours
4 years ago#7
What color is the SMG?
4 years ago#8
Red, with green effects
4 years ago#9
OMG that totally worked. Thanks so much.
4 years ago#10
TC, whattya going back to PT1 to tip her for? Cheap-ass! Less than 50K apiece will get you both guns, and you'll never feel it in your wallet.

And the guns kick ass. At level 50 she gave me level 48s, but whatever, they both do their job, quickly and well.
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