The way they hold back with language is pretty disappointing. Yay for censorshp?

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As I start replaying stuff and hear the same stuff over and over I'm noticing more and more that they obviously oriented some of the language to make it "more appropriate." That is absolutely ridiculous considering this is an extremely violent "M rated" game that has jokes about subject matter that is ten times more offensive than any word I'd have to censor on these boards being said 50 times in a row. I'll also say that there's some pretty obvious censorship of the violence from the first game to the second - I heard that that was due to Germany's censorship and they just globally toned down the violence but I dunno', I just know that there's some pretty obvious examples of death animations, particularly elemental ones, that were considerably less "extreme" in the second. All that is a separate issue though - I'm just here to babble about what I consider a much more significant distraction which is the toned down language.

Here's the few quotes I've found that illustrate this painfully obviously:

"Crap - Oh, I mean darn" - Angel when you enter Sanctuary for the first time.

Really? You're going to have a character accentuate that she said "something questionable" by correcting herself with a "less offensive word" to the word "crap?"


You couldn't even say s***? You really couldn't even say s***? After I'd already violently murdered countless people at this point, heard claptrap laugh at the fact that the people I was murdering had families, and probably came across a slew of other violent depictions depending on the type of weaponry I was able to equip myself with at this point and you can't say s***?

*Returns to the facepalm for a moment...*

That is seriously something on the level you'd hear on a Teen rated game - As if we're all going to look at each other wide-eyed and say "Ooooh - She just said 'crap'!"

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"Screw you! Screw you!" - Mordacai after a significant battle in the game (no spoilerz 4 u!).

*Facepalms again...*

Okay, screaming "F**** you! F*** you!" into the air in agony/anger is cliche as f*** to begin with but when you take a horribly cliche'd line and censor it it becomes even more horrible.


I didn't really come with many quotes 'cuz I really don't need many to make my point though I'm sure I could find more if I actually had a pen and paper handy while playing the game but it's not that big of a deal - What's done is done and they're not gonna' make a patch that changes it but that doesn't mean they shouldn't get called out on it. It's just really sad to see a game that is so over-the-top censor itself in only its second outing - Not only that but it's so painfully obvious that I really wish they just would've taken some of the lines out. I mean it literally reads as if the script was written and they had an office meeting where they determined they were going to replace "f***" with the word "screw" and "s***" with the word "crap" then nobody took the context into consideration or did any revision, they just changed the script as it was and that was it...


The violent content getting censored adds to this but, again, what's so absolutely ridiculous about this other than my overuse of the word "ridiculous" (in my opinion this discussion warrants it) is the kind of depictions and jokes that are left in the game while these words are changed to make it "less questionable" or "more appropriate"...

It's pretty sad to see peoples' creative visions messed with in this manner and though I'm sure I'll recieve plenty of flames from the few people that don't write "TLDR", I'm pretty sure the people who wrote this stuff feel the same way though they'll obviously never say anything publicly about it since this game is gonna' make them bank and they're gonna' want that job when the sequel rolls around.

Again, it's really sad to see this happen...

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Angel REALLY isn't something to go on.

But yeah, I feel they made it a bit too kid friendly. Which is insane, since kids shouldn't be playing.
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i thought it was just angel

i thought it was her gimmick
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KittenLina posted...
Angel REALLY isn't something to go on.

But yeah, I feel they made it a bit too kid friendly. Which is insane, since kids shouldn't be playing.

It doesn't matter whether Angel says it or a skag says it - That quote is pretty much a testimate to what I wrote...
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This is the stupidest rant i've ever seen.

Also, there's a reason why Angel censors herself.
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I don't think making the language worse would make the game any better, but the deaths are definitely less satisfying.
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__Infernox__ posted...
This is the stupidest rant i've ever seen.

Also, there's a reason why Angel censors herself.

Then why does it appear elsewhere?
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Except it's a plot device...
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The whole Angel thing flew right over your head...a few times even considering you're making a big deal out of this after repeated playthroughs and just noticing what she is saying now.
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