Are there any good gauge builds?

#1MegaMehPosted 10/9/2012 4:46:53 PM
I've seen a few that revolve around using Anarchy but are there any good ones that buff up your deathtrap?
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wow just noticed my phone auto-corrected Gaige into gauge. lol
#3notedeathPosted 10/9/2012 4:50:49 PM
The whole BFF skill tree is about enhancing deathtrap.
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#4XCrimsonSamuraiPosted 10/9/2012 4:51:54 PM
Best non-anarchy build I found was taking BFFs down to Sharing is Caring and then going halfway down the Little Big Trouble tree, mostly just securing the full +30% melee damage and all of Deathtrap's special abilities.

There's no linkable skill editor at the moment and I don't feel like typing up every skill, but with this build you get pretty much all of Deathtrap's killer abilities, Upshot Robot to keep him out longer by killing enemies, and 20% Cooler to reduce his Cooldown to 42 seconds. Pretty much makes him a very effective tank and durable killing machine.

Also, Lightning Storms.
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close enough and anarchy is all you need then put the rest on to death trap
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From: notedeath | #003
The whole BFF skill tree is about enhancing deathtrap.

I'm aware of that, I'm just curious if you can combine the Ordered Chaos tree with the BFF tree or would that just not work well together?
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I'm thinking of something along the lines of this...

I"m going to get bonuses from slayer relic that will give me +4 in Made of Sterner Stuff and Preshrunk Cyberpunk. Anyone think this would work?