DeathTrap is useless against end game bosses

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Gen2000 posted...
Just did the Wilhelm fight and DeathTrap didn't do anything, didn't attack or even draw aggro.

Going by some of the conflicting answers here and from gearbox forums I'm hoping it's just more of DT sometimes glitching out/not understanding how DeathTrap A.I. works instead of being a permanent, intended feature.

Well I'm no liar so these are my results.. Like you said very conflicting means there seems to be some type of problem
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#12Alpha218Posted 10/9/2012 9:34:15 PM
Might be the AI trying to do a specific special attack that it doesn't really know how to do against the boss. Try respecing without some of those deathtrap skills.
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i JUST fought Warden and my Deathtrap was actively attacking him.
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I haven't gotten to far yet with my mechromancer, but it was very effective while fighting boom bewm and captain flynt. What spec are people using with it being ineffective. Maybe it gets confused on big bosses when it tries to use a specific gamechanger attack.
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stuey4pointo posted...
HollowLegend posted...
well mate, i don't know why you are having such trouble, but my DeathTrap is putting the beatdown on Terra and The Warrior everytime i go to fight them, and with how much health he has, he can take quite a few hits, so far as i've counted he has taken 5 straight smacks from Terra before dying, and so far he has yet to die before i killed The Warrior.

i will put up my build shortly im not sure if that has anything to do with it but still :D.

Hope you get it figured out mate, Gaige is a GREAT character so far, i love her!

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#17LesserAngelPosted 10/9/2012 10:54:34 PM
DeathTrap can't be more usless than Phaselock against end game bosses, I guess I'll have to see for my self.
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You say this like at lvl 50 we rely heavily on our action skills. Half of my points are invested into my sirens skill too, but i never use it on the bosses because none of the effects do anything but do like 10k damage. Do you see me crying and moaning that i never use my action skill on end game bosses? No. Did you just power level Gaige, just hoping her bot would wreck even terra?
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I have tried fighting Verm on 2.5 an he did well. The damage was crap, but he ran around shooting lasers at the boss and managed to take some aggro. Also he wasn't destroyed instantly like a commando's turret.
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LesserAngel posted...
DeathTrap can't be more usless than Phaselock against end game bosses, I guess I'll have to see for my self.

Phaselock is far from useless if you go ruin. You will do elemental damage and slag so you can then shoot it. And if you're playing co-op and get revive skill, phaselock will just revive your downed allies. Far from useless if you know what you are doing.