Mechro available in EU/AU?

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4 years ago#1
Hi all,

Just curious to find out if anyone who doesnt have premier club in Europe or Australia actually has the mechro dlc? Didn't see it available on the psn store (though US customers can purchase premier club for $10). Does eu/au have to wait another week?
4 years ago#2
It is available now, albeit for the outrageous price of $15.95. If you can't find it in the PSN store, try going through the ingame Downloadable Content menu.
4 years ago#3
16 bucks...typical Aussie pricing. Ah well at least it adds a fair bit to the game. Each of the other 4 bits of dlc should cost ~$13 each as well from the looks of the $40 price tag on the season pass. Unless they bump it up to $16 as well haha.

Thanks for answering :)
4 years ago#4
when i saw the price, i was glad i got the pre-order code from ebay, cost me. about $10 from the uk.
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