How would you calculate the new shield recharge delay?

#1Trif0rce0fP0werPosted 10/13/2012 3:02:45 PM
Let's say a shield had a recharge delay of 5.32 and all the skills and tokens improved that delay to -126%. What would be the new recharge delay?

Been trying to come up with an equation for the past half hour but i was never great at math :/
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#2nightstalker92Posted 10/13/2012 3:08:31 PM
Maybe there is a base number that they all work off of. For example, if it was a 1 then you would get -1.26 seconds for that delay. This would also be how the base delay was calculated (~~500%)

Just a guess.
#3RjmhartPosted 10/13/2012 3:32:53 PM
I think what they are doing for all the bonus percents is applying the first bonus, then applying the 2nd bonus, etc. Lets say you have 2 abilities that reduce by 50% each. The first thought is 50+50=100%, so there should be no cooldown. If your cooldown is 5 seconds, you apply the first 50% to get 2.5 seconds. Then you apply the second 50% and now it is 1.25 seconds.
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