Easy legendaries off The Warrior

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4 years ago#1
I have been farming the Warrior for DAYS now and I can't get a Bee or CC, only got 6 volcanoes, 2 flakkers, and a hellfire.

I forgot what it is, but I remember that if you kill him during the quest, you have a 75% chance of getting a legendary, I still have the quest, and there's a cool guide to being able to farm him during the quest to get easy legendaries. Can someone please remind me what it is? I can't seem to find it in my history.
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4 years ago#2
kill him, get to the "call in moonshot part"

backup your save to a usb

go back in game, call moonshot look through loot give anything you want to keep to a splitscreen character

paste back your save to the ps3


never done it myself, but im pretty sure thats how it goes.
4 years ago#3
During the quest kill jack, kill the warrior. Then save and quit when Lilith and your quest guidelines instruct you to "call moonshot".

Back up that characters data to usb or similar.

Load game, call moonshot. Bring in second character (you can also have them present during the moonshot for a nice bit of exp.. got a new character almost to 50 this way).

Second character loots anything you want to keep. Exit with second character to save looted items.

Exit to ps3 save data utility. Use aforementioned back up save to overwrite the one on the ps3. Reload game and rinse/repeat.
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4 years ago#4
Easier to just start circle quit the split screen with loot out of the game saving only him, then xmb quit. Faster anyways.
4 years ago#5
or get friend to grab loot, he exits, you hit quit game so it doesn't save, granted i can do neither cause no friend or splitscreen :D
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4 years ago#6
is there a way w/o USB?
WKC2-Jubileus Sword(Twin Blades)/divine level 53 GR13 thus far
4 years ago#7
Pretty sure it auto saves the quest character when the moonshot is called thus the need to save data beforehand.
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4 years ago#8
I just told you a way to do it without USB.
4 years ago#9
No that is false it won't automate until you kill jack
4 years ago#10
Ah, just did it you are right. Mine had been autosaving because I always killed jack for the eridium drops and anything else he might have.

If you do have a usb though I'd recommend using it. They don't cost much to get one and are insanely useful. Not to mention if you don't have that char save backed up and accidentally push the wrong button or something and kill jack.. there goes your farming.
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