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4 years ago#1
So the general consensus on this board is that quests don't scale in playthrough 1, and that on playthrough 2, if you want to get quest rewards scaled to lv50 you must first beat the boss and that will instantly scale all the unaccepted quests to 50. However some people on the boards have reported that it didn't work for them and their quests didn't scale, even after beating the boss.

I have observed some things that make me think it's not exactly the way it works. At this point, I have observed that the quests scale in both playthrough 1 and 2, and that they scale to your level either at the time when you first enter the zone, or when you first accept the quest. But that scaling doesn't seem to be 1:1, ie if you pick up a quest at lv30 it may be a lv22 quest but if you waited until lv34 it may become a lv26 quest.
I've observed this first hand on my first playthrough, where the quest levels in my quest completed log is very different from my Salvador and on my Gaige.
I first entered the Hyperion Slaughter dome at lv32 on my Gaige and it shows it as a lv26 quest for part 1. My salvador has completed it, I don't remember when I entered the zone with Salvador but it might have been later than 32 and for him part 1 shows as a lv30 quest.

I'm still unclear about the exact working on the system, but I'd like to figure it out, especially before starting my PL2 on Gaige.

Questions to the users who finished PL2 by doing ONLY main quests:
- did you notice as you went along the game with many "undiscovered" side quests if their level kept climbing as you gained levels?
- If not, did they all suddenly show as Lv50 as soon as you beat the boss? Were you at 50 when you beat the boss?

I'm really trying to figure out how this quest and areas scaling works for both PL1 and PL2, so post away any info or thoughts on the matter.
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4 years ago#2
All undiscovered quests and failed quests scaled to 50 when I beat the boss in PT2. I don't know if PT1 quests scale but there were some areas that would scale as you progressed through the game (not based on your level tho). Apparently there was a glitch with low level quests that the patch just fixed as well.
4 years ago#3
Yea your right. I think each stage has a certain level limit though. I was level 48 when I finally started THVM and they were 42 but later on they became 50. I tried playing the game on my mechromancer and it seems to have change from when I played through. Monsters in wildlife preserve haven't reached level 50 but they are level 48 and my mechro is level 40.
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4 years ago#4
T-Matt-16, say you had a quest, undiscovered on your quest log, did it show say "Level 42" quest on the questlog before you beat the boss on PL2.5, and right after that it showed "Level 50" in the questlog? Did the quest log itself adjust as soon as you defeated the final boss? And if it did adjust to "Level 50" in the quest log, were you lv50 when you beat the final boss or maybe a little lower?
After extensive lab research, it appears that sterility is indeed hereditary...
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