Here, take this money as a sign of my disgust (Giveaway topic)

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So if for some reason you've missed my topics, I've been doing random giveaways. Typically I'll ask a question and whoever answers it correctly gets the corresponding reward. There is only one winner. After someone guesses the correct answer, I make a new question with a new reward. So far I've given away all of my rare skins / heads and all 5 of my CC's.

Question (for some of the older folks)
What is one of my favorite Journey songs (ends with a Y)
Reward (on my Gunzerker)
Close Quarters Hornet - 7.7k dmg / 3.6k Corrode
Floated Hornet - 7.7k Dmg / 3.6k Corrode
Tactical Hornet - 7.2k dmg / 3.6k Corrode
Twin Hornet - 7.1k X2 Dmg / 3.6k Corrode / 2 ammo per shot
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dont need those but

seperate ways
only the lonely
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mrleezard posted...
dont need those but

seperate ways
only the lonely

ask the lonely doh
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Feitan987 posted...

Correct, what's your PSN

Next question: What was Journey's second to last song they played live last night (not their encore song, but their last one before the encore)
Rewards (on my Gunzerker)
Moscovite's Mongol (108.7k and 100.6k dmg)
Worker's Mongol - 83.8k dmg / 3.6k fire
Rugged Mongol - 111.9k dmg
Victorious Mongol - 103.8k dmg
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Wheel In The Sky
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wheel in the sky
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Psn is Feitan987. TYVM
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Just curious why you're disgusted.
I'm frustrated, but I don't think I'd ever give all my hard earned goodies away!
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Dont stop believing?
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