Dark knight... I have it

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User Info: wyneon100

4 years ago#41
Can i be added to someones list for the skin please? Psn is in my signature
PSN: IrishUponAStar

User Info: seoulspirit

4 years ago#42
Did anyone else get Right Angle and another white skin as well? ;O
Youtube:SeoulTeamworkGaming | PSN: Seoul_Teamwork

User Info: Grizzfunk

4 years ago#43
Hey to the OP, since you farmed it and shared, thanks a bunch...I didn't receive from you but I got a copy from someone you duped it for. I really appreciate the kindness...i was sitting on like 1300 something emperor kills (about 2 weeks worth of when a tv commercial was on or league of legends was in lobby/loading i would kill assassins) worth. So thanks again and cheers.

User Info: Sector_7G

4 years ago#44
i have it. ill be on later tonight for anyone who wants it. if you have some assassin heads your willing to part with i would love them. if not thats fine
(message deleted)
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