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Three Word Story, Borderlands 2 Style

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User Info: gzus_AD

4 years ago#1
You know the rules: Post three words to add to the story, next person posts three more words, et cetera et cetera.

One upon a
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User Info: L4YER_CAKE

4 years ago#2
bandit,tiny tina
Braid. Save the princess. Contemplate the world. Save yourself.

User Info: NeoMechaSonic

4 years ago#3
slapped with a
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User Info: yellowpikminboy

4 years ago#4
bomb and then
You know that game I never played? That one?
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User Info: Zenlightened

4 years ago#5
in the face
So it goes.

User Info: Viet-89

4 years ago#6
By flesh stick

User Info: Ibanez4570

4 years ago#7
Who was killed
Ugh, bullets, my only weakness

User Info: Ryang33kcrest

4 years ago#8
by nine toes
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User Info: JuicyBox

4 years ago#9
who slapped a
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User Info: 80108

4 years ago#10
Bonerfart in the
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