Glitch after killing Pyro Pete ( when he's "invincible" )

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User Info: Double991

4 years ago#1
So I took the elevator up and see Pete's body standing at the top even though I just killed him. He wasn't a solid object and I could pass through him.

Then I get to Moxxi's jail cell and she's there too but I can pass through the bars and Moxxi herself as well.

Weird s***!
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User Info: Gud_daedheloth

4 years ago#2
Ha really?! That's kinda cool actually. Me and my bro had a similar glitch with hyperious...we killed him then his bots kicked our a$$es and hyperious respawned...but we couldn't hurt him he just stood there lol
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User Info: DrachenBaren

4 years ago#3
^-- That's not a glitch. If he dies and you leave the room, not always, but often, he just respawns. If he respawns, the bots despawn.

I used that trick to kill him and run out of the room to reset his bots when I was farming my 15 kills for the challenge.

Kill -> Run out -> Run back in and check the pathetic loot
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  3. Glitch after killing Pyro Pete ( when he's "invincible" )

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