LF soldier "Space Knight" head

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4 years ago#1
Add ExiledSavior or reply here if interested
Willing to dupe some or all (all 50)

Guaranteed/perma-sharp Babymaker
Social/critical/slag conference call
Discharge/burning/righteous/purging infinity pistol
Straight shootin Maggie
Onslaught seraphim
Normal/fire/corrosive patriot
Corrosive/electric/regular blades tatter
Fwap a ahab
Corrosive retcher
Stiff/explicit devestator
Maggie pistol
Proactive actualizer
Ruthless Mongol
Dobby Lyuda
Banbury volcano
Ferocious shredifier
Incendiary greed
Casual flakker
Boss hammer buster
Well kept striker
Cutting edge b*****
Logan's gun
Eviscretion thunderball fist
Plenteous Norfleet
Twin hornet
Cartel pitchfork
Stabbing kerblaster

Blood of terra
Blood of the seraphs
Profiency relic (34% cooldown)
Perfect tediore allegiance relic
44% vitality relic

Class mods
All terra class mods
All legendary class mods

Legendary Longbow caustic leech
Longbow electric leech
Sticky homing fire leech
Longbow fire bee

Grounded hide of terramorphous
The sham
Flame of the firehawk
Black hole
Flame of the firehawk
Alkaline the bee

"Alkaline Mistress" siren head
4 years ago#2
Also looking for that firework grenade
4 years ago#3
All give you some heads for the grounded hide of terra including your space knight.

PSN jorgeammo
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
FR sent
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