Confirmed How to fix lockout for pyro pete

#31akantra(Topic Creator)Posted 12/3/2012 12:38:06 PM
I'm at work for 4 more hours. When i get home i'll be able to help out all those that didnt get help yet. I'll send you a message with details.

Dont forget, for this to work, you need to join my game. I'll start the fight after you join, and then you have to come into the game while the fight is active and going. So i have to start the fight before you hit PLAY on the options. I'm going to start the fight when you join so it should be fine to just go ahead and load up and jump into the game as normal. So after you hit play and are spawned into the game, i should be mid fight.

Stay up in the bar until i kill him. After i kill him, I'll kill myself. Then after respawning, i'll go back down and fight him again. After i kill him the second time, you should be fixed and can leave the game to try it out on your own and confirm if it worked or not.
#32rghost1228Posted 12/3/2012 1:18:56 PM(edited)
Tried this with one of my characters that hadn't even accepted the PryoPete Invincible mission yet (was really hoping to NOT take an 8th character through 3 campaign's) & it unlocked my three other characters that were locked.

Thanks for finding this out Akantra (I keep wanting to pronounce your name as "Akantor", boss wyvern from Monster Hunter series). Just wanted some Seraph grenades & this allowed me to do so. :)
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No problem. My name is Alex Kantra, that's why i used akantra.. Pronounced like can-truh
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Posted this all over the place... I'm probably gonna get slammed.. Lol
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bump sine people are still posting topics about this.
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Thanks Akantra for getting word out for this.

I'll be on later around 830-9pm central if I could jump into a game, If it works, i'll then host for a while to help others out.

PSN: mrjrb
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Just sent you a pm
#38akantra(Topic Creator)Posted 12/3/2012 3:58:31 PM
Alright so we're down to one hour before i get online and start helping people.

PSN AlexKantra
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Bump for all helpers and lockouts.

I've also deleted my previous post, again, to avoid confusion. Keeping your method clear and straight forward. We were trying out in two players, just as your splitscreen method was posted.
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akantra posted...
Posted this all over the place... I'm probably gonna get slammed.. Lol

Nope, you'll be thanked.