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4 years ago#1
I've been working with pb331979 on this. I picked up a +6 Followthrough class mod from Sion4ever a week ago. With 11 points in follow through and 5 in Innervate, you get something like 123% movement speed. It is AS FAST AS LILLITH. It's incredibly helpful with love thumper builds.

I was play testing the cool down for Deception. Here's what I found:
All of my playtesting involved using a 35% cooldown relic. I want to get Deception back as quickly as possible. If you string kills together with Many Must Fall, you will notice a quick spike to the cooldown bar when you exit Deception. Base cooldown with 0 MMF kills was 13 seconds. If I was able to get 5 kills while in Deception, the cooldown was only 6.5 seconds. The cool down can be less if you get more kills, but obviously getting more than 5 kills is not always possible.

Grim: my problem with this ability is it restores shields on the first kill and you lose your roid bonus. So it screws up Love Thumper and Order. I decided to try it with a Manly Man Shield . Grim works like this: when you exit Deception the first kill activates Grim for about 4 seconds. It shaves roughly 1 second off your cool down, to about 5 seconds total. The Manly Man Shield wasn't killing enemies in 1 attack for MMF, so I swapped in a +6 backstab/+5 ambush/+45% melee class mod.

It's a pretty good build. Full shields coming out of deception. 6.5 second cool down(less if you can kill something). Relatively easy to string kills together. And you don't have to manage your shield like with love thumper.
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4 years ago#2
sounds like it would play similar to lillith too. I will try this after putzing around with the ideas I am trying to work out, I am just getting started on this character, and know that it is going to take some work, and be FUN.
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4 years ago#3
I was looking at wiki and a Contempible Spy class mod would reduce cool down and add + ambush.

I'm thinking one of those with a 35% cd relic, rapier, and thumper, could be even more effective. If you can get cool down to something like 4 seconds or less, that would be crazy.
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4 years ago#4
So I guess what I will do is add to this thread as I come up with new ideas. If anyone wants to give feedback, then great. Worst case scenario is it might serve a good reference for people asking about melee zero.

I switched my class mod to the Legendary mod for the 35% cool down. That got it down to about 7.5 seconds w/ no kills. With 3 kills it was 5 seconds.

I don't think the Contempible mod gives a high enough cool down %. Certainly not more than 35%.

Then I noticed the Little Evie provides a cool down bonus per kill. I'll try farming that next.
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4 years ago#5
Are people reading this?? If no cares I can stop.

3 kills in Deception + 1 kill with Evie = 4 second cool down. Pretty good. My Evie was only level 30, but I dont think level affects the cool down aspect.
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4 years ago#6
I realize it's not original, but what about using Law + Order, Might of the Seraphs?
4 years ago#7
Tagging this, really like these ideas TC. Great stuff, so please do keep posting if you like. If it's not too much trouble could you post a link with the builds skill points? I'd really like to play around with this once I get all the necessary gear together.

Thanks for posting.
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4 years ago#9
Any new tweaks? I have this bookmarked.

I'm done with my MMF focused build ( ended up with Tricky Infiltrator ). I'm gonna try your speed build with fast cooldown build next. And maybe Bloodshed + Sniping skill perks on Inifnity pistol after.
4 years ago#10
Ha, I wasn't sure if people are reading this. I see "(topic creator") over and over.

I'll post two builds as separate posts. I was trying to figure out the Rubi vs Rapier for life gain but I don't want to sacrifice the melee damage. Then I realized the Legendary Mod is adding to Fast Hands. 10 points in fast hands serves 2 purposes: incredibly speeds up the Orphan Maker to get rid of shields in a Thumper build, and swap to the Rubi for the first melee attack and quickly switch to the Rapier for each successive attack. Then swap to the Evie after Decepetion ends.
Psn: big_bob002
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