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4 years ago#21
Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me.

And it looks like I'll be able to get home and get on in a little less than an hour. Is that okay?
"In the beginning the Universe was created. This had made a lot of people very mad and been widely regarded as a bad move."
4 years ago#22
Is it still going?
Blast_tyrant01 is the psn....
PSN ID Blast_Tyrant
4 years ago#23
can i get in on this?

PSN: Shadohboy
why do flames always have to die out? D:
4 years ago#24
Ooops, the real one is in my sig....sorry.
PSN ID Blast_Tyrant
4 years ago#25
Yes, it still is!
4 years ago#26
If you could invite me that would be great!

PSN: TurboHolocaust
4 years ago#27
still opened ? ;)

PSN : QC__Frankyboy <--- two underscores..
4 years ago#28
I see this ending bad. Doesn't the game auto save when someone joins?. So if I join while someone is in the middle of exiting the game, it might cause them to save.

Good idea might be to set a rule: Wait until the lobby says there is only one person.

That aside, if it's still going on later, I would like to look around!
Psn: big_bob002
4 years ago#29
Me too.

PSN: PandoraKel
4 years ago#30
NM, I just saw the TC is inviting people. I'm still interested though!
Psn: big_bob002
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