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4 years ago#31
Still going on, though I've got two in queue as of right now. Tried to send a fr your way, PandoraKel, but it said that your settings wouldn't allow it.
4 years ago#32
I'll check it out and maybe leave a few things too.
In case of emergency, start screaming.
4 years ago#33
Awesome, Found everything I've been looking for over the last week! Left some goodies for the next person. Many thanks.
4 years ago#34

Forgot to change the setting. Try again please?

PSN: PandoraKel
4 years ago#35
Still won't allow it for me.
4 years ago#36
Wow man...just wow....stuff ive been looking for,
playing for days on end....just...there. Many thanks!
PSN ID Blast_Tyrant
4 years ago#37
No problem, glad people are finding stuff they've been looking for. I would drop even more but everything started to lag bad and I didn't want to risk it locking up.
4 years ago#38
Dammit i forgot the BA switch....12 hour overnight shift, my fault....i dropped a bunch of stuff though....
PSN ID Blast_Tyrant
4 years ago#39
Okay I got it down this time. One more invite please?

PSN: PandoraKel
4 years ago#40
Did you get the items you wanted or did you drop everything you collected and have nothing? I can invite you again if needed.
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