Sanctuary Loot Fest

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4 years ago#61
I'll join, psn halobreaker
4 years ago#62
awesome! ill join. PSN: chemicalfever75
4 years ago#63
Sounds awesome. I'll take a peak. :3
4 years ago#64
is this still going on? i like to have a look.
PSN: duddeyuhfail
4 years ago#65
I would like to join if it's still going.
PSN: Kev_048
4 years ago#66
Thanks again Defy! Dropped a few of my Shock-related weapons and gear.
In Memory of JT18
PSN: DrakeFZX3
4 years ago#67
Dammit, room just locked up. I'll have to reset things back up and invite those who haven't had a chance yet. :(
4 years ago#68
thx for the invite! got some new heads!
4 years ago#69
I'm in :)
PSN: JakeD2602
4 years ago#70
thanks a bunch man. and if you have room invite me back. was wondering which ones was the best to get
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