New DLC Big Game Hunt, Level 30 Minimum?

#1phantom_blade66Posted 1/10/2013 12:52:13 PM
I remember hearing this somewhere that the mimimun for Hammerlock's big game hunt is level 30, which is odd because none of the other DLCS for 1 or 2 had a miminum level higher than 15 or so. Can anyone confirm this?

Now my real question is, which new character to start. I have my level 50 siren and commando all fully spec'd and such but for this DLC I want to be able to level and grow.

I have a level 22 gunzerker hanging out, but his action skill and trees just seem lackluster.
And I know there's Zero and Gaige, but again their skill trees don't exactly stand out to me.

So putting it to all of you since you are a wise and helpful community.

A.) Stick with Salvador
B.) Try Zero (maybe the sniping tree or the melee/shooting tree)
C.) Try Gaige (most likely the middle electric based tree)

B or C options I'd need someone to power level me if that's still possible post patch. No way do I have time with work to get them up to 30 from level 5.
#2ddulmage53Posted 1/10/2013 1:37:29 PM thsi says that it starts at lvl 30, and witchdoctor can lvl his boys up higher , as much as 7 more lvls
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