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3 years ago#1
loot party going down in sanctuary. thanks to a huge contribution by double991. right now all we have are assault rifles, pistols, smgs ,grenades and shields,

please read and follow the rules, please don't shoot any weapons or activate any skills as this may crash the game

1. send fr saying gfaqs loot party psn is danpaves, be patient iam doing this by invite, first come first serve
2. when you get in pick up what you want
3. when your done getting what you want do the BA Save (go to your ba ranks screen disable by pressing the triangle button then enable by pressing the triangle button it will cause a save for you)
4 . go to the gold chest and dump your stuff there, i'll put it all back
5. then dashboard out ( hit playstation button on controller and quit game)
6. finally thank double991 for being so awesome
i will be doing this for as long as i can, if you don't get in there will always be another time
3 years ago#2
thanks psn is same as screen name
3 years ago#3
Get em' while they're hot.
PSN : Double991
I will kill anything and everything in your game because I am overpowered and cannot be nerfed.
3 years ago#4
Still going on?
I like my portable juice in a box.
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3 years ago#5
I'll add you.
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3 years ago#6

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