Original Character Idea... Just want some opinions

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So I started creating a new character in my head and finally decided to write it down. I have thought up all but one of the skills, but I'm just curious on what everyone thinks of this. Warning this post is kinda long...

Cedric the Scrap Knight

Crazy, delusional old man wearing a suit of armor made from the various (and mostly rusted) scrap found on Pandora

Basic Melee: Stab with a Rusty Knife

Action Skill: Come and Git It!

Throws a piece of meat out at enemies, calling in a Skag to help fight enemies

55 second Cooldown Rate
Skill Tree 1: Man's Best Friend- Focused on Action Skill

Level 1: Dinner Time (5 Tiers)- Faster Cooldown- (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Hungry Fellas- Increased Skag damage (5 Tiers)- (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Level 2: More the Merrier (5 Tiers)- More Skags appear (1-2-3-4-5)

Skags Will Eat Anything (5 Tiers)- Skags have a chance to cough up ammo or health packs during battle. (10%-20%-30%-40%-50%)

Level 3: Rough Hides (5 Tiers)- Increased Skag Defense (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Keep 'Em Coming (5 Tiers)- Skags stay out longer (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

They Grow Up So Fast (1 Tier)- All Skags become Adult Skags instead of Pup Skags

Level 4: Let Me At 'Em! (5 Tiers)- Gun and Melee Damage increased while Skags are active (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Level 5: Big Fella! (5 Tiers)- Gives a small chance to make one of the Skags an Alpha Skag (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

Game Changer: Hell Hounds (1 Tier)- All Skags have a chance of having elements (50%)
Skill Tree 2: Cheapskate- Focuses on weapons and Tediore equipment

Level 1: Hoarder (5 Tiers)- Increase ammo carrying capacity for all weapons (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

I Can Fix It (5 Tiers)- Increase shield recharge rate (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

Level 2: More Bang... (5 Tiers)- Increase damage of Tediore reloads (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

...For Your Buck (5 Tiers)- Increase magazine size for Tediore weapons (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

Level 3: Simple is Good (5 Tiers)- Increased shield capacity for Tediore shields (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Pretty Fast for an Old Guy (5 Tiers)- Increase reload speed for Tediore weapons (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned (1 Tier)- Tediore weapons have a chance to not consume ammo on reload, but keep the damage (25%)

Level 4: Big Bang (5 Tiers)- Increase explosion radius of Tediore weapons (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

Level 5: I ain't Blind Yet! (5 Tiers)- Increase accuracy with all weapons (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Game Changer: Sober up (1 Tier)- Tediore rocket launchers now home on to enemies instead of being drunken rockets
Skill Tree 3: Piece of Scrap- Focuses on defense

Level 1: This Ain't Nothin (5 Tiers)- Decrease damage from Fire, Shock, Corrosive, and Explosive (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

Good Ole Armor (5 Tiers)- Decrease damage from melee attacks (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Level 2: Tetanus (5 Tiers)- Being hit with a melee attack may cause the enemy to take continual damage for a short time (Chance: 5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Trusty Sword (1 Tier/Melee Override)- Changes Rusty Dagger into Rusty Sword for a wide swing that causes more damage and can hit multiple enemies

Level 3: Unsanitary anyways (5 Tiers)- Decrease duration of Slag on self (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

Spreading the Germs (5 Tiers)- Increase duration of Slag on enemies (5%-10%-15%-20%-25%)

For Glory! (1 Tier)- Damage output increased and damage taken decreased when shields are down

Level 4: Knight of the Round (5 Tiers)- Increases damage, shield capacity and shield recharge rate (2%-4%-6%-8%-10%)

Level 5: Not dead yet! (5 Tiers)- Increase Fight For Your Life time (3%-6%-9%-12%-15%)

Game Changer: ???

I apoligize if the way this looks is confusing
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Your idea isn't bad.
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Gah... The format on this is terrible... I kind of wish it didn't look so squished and hard to read...
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random_man9119 posted...
Gah... The format on this is terrible... I kind of wish it didn't look so squished and hard to read...

i can read it i was just being silly saying WTF its pretty cool
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The idea of a skag action skill sounds awesome .
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MrWaffleMaker posted...
The idea of a skag action skill sounds awesome .

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I like it, but the tediore part seems a bit strange, most other characters don't hone in on one manufacturer. The rest is awesome, especially the skag idea.
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I would be willing to pay for this character.
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Is he kinda like Don Quixote? Like he thinks he's a gallant knight but isn't? That could be interesting.