New game gibbed TVHM?

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4 years ago#1
I wanted to try a new character class but i did not want to grind all the way to level 50 for the cool stuff so i thought gibbed would be the way to go.

Anyone know how to unlock weapon slots 3 and 4 if you take a character straight to TVHM??
4 years ago#2
What you're asking can only be done on python.
Pedig edhellen?
4 years ago#3
You can't, you gotta play through the story in pt1 until you get the 4th slot, then Gibbed the save.
I may be wrong as I haven't mastered Gibbed yet, but I'm 99% sure you can't do it with Gibbed. Python is another option, but I've only heard of it, never seen it.
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4 years ago#4
Imit8m3 posted...
I've only heard of it, never seen it.

Lol. There's nothing to see it's just a cmd console. :p
Pedig edhellen?
4 years ago#5
Thanks for the advice. looked at python, and tried the "BL2ModTool" on an xbox forum which gives a basic GUI for python, it should work for the PS3 saves???? just using bruteforce instead of horizon to unlock the saves?? No way to tell if its worked yet tho, not unless i want serious trouble with the GF today
4 years ago#6
mayzee77 posted...
it should work for the PS3 saves?

As long as you convert them to xbox format before use, it should work fine.
Pedig edhellen?
4 years ago#7
Add this code to your bank i guess 2 times? BL2(BwAAAABmJwMAEgCgQxAAwA==)

I got it from this awesome collection of codes-->

I think it should work for let us know :)
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4 years ago#8
dont know if your code works chump, but i can confirm that this code does.

also, they got a batch script up that makes it easy to add all this stuff in.
just as ednizar said, just convert your save to xbox
to do that, open the file in gibbed and on the front screen change the type to xbox and save it somewhere else. run the batch python script on it, open back up in gibbed as an xbox save then overwrite the original ps3 save when you convert it back.
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