duke of orks

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User Info: dreadedsilencer

3 years ago#1
what causes the guy who becomes this thing to evolve into it and what makes him evolve beyond that?
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User Info: Baruch_S

3 years ago#2
The Orc Warlords can turn into the Duke of Orc if you don't kill them fast enough. Basically, if they're in combat but not actively attacking you, they can do a battle cry to raise their level and level up the orcs around them, too. Once they've leveled up 5 times, they become Dukes of Orc. To my knowledge, nothing makes them level beyond that point, but you'll have a nasty fight on your hands if you let them get that far. If you see a Warlord, you want to bring out your big guns and kill it before it can level.
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