loot toons lvl 61 all loot is 61 U S and E U gaige and a maya

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created a couple of toons with lvl 61 loot ,near full skill trees, unlimited ammo . maya has yet to start uvhm, gaige has done some of it .these are not profile locked and are ready to use . download , unzip , transferto flash drive , transfer to ps3 . gaige is save0001D and maya is save888E. . they have huge backpacks( gaige 1200 + vault) (maya 1700 + vault) and some fun loot inside the vault. both toons have modded black xp relics in vault along with other black stuff. I created the maya for those that do not have gaige and cannot use this toon or for those that worry about overwriting one of their saves.

gaige and maya E U versions (bles01684) -


maya U S (blus30982)--


gaige U S (blus30892) -

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with so much on toons and bank . the sort button may get menu to move . (the highlighted part keeps going but menu images does not change) either sort or hold down on the d pad till menu starts to move . another thing with so much loot as you can only drop so much on the gaming field before it glitches or freezes the game . just a fyI.
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to get stuff out of either of their banks , you can trade with items in backpack . later , can trade back the other way to put stuff back
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Holy Jeebus.... Now THIS is a lot of loot!!!! Thanks for putting this out there dd. The saves work great and they will help the GFAQS community a lot. You should submit these so they can be added to the saves section up above.

There are an awful lot of character saves up there , but they are missing loot based saves and yours would fill that void.
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these are just a bit of the loot , i took the loot codes (some ) and put on these. but there is more than that on my sorted loot saves. besides if they wanted to they could use these toons (as well to play the game with them)
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Anybody got a BL1 save w/ nasty gear? Lol! BL1 is mess trying located good gear.
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i would have to look at my lvl 69 toons on bl1 to see what they have
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these lot tons will work for anyone. maya for those that do not have gaige and gaige for those that do . both are real full of pearls, legendary, and all quest type loot as well as stuff stated in previous posts.
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bump for those that have not seen this
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Sweet. Dedicated mules for me...tracking the gear scattered across 18 toons is a pain