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3 years ago#1
Gibbed newb here so bear with me. Is there supposed to be no option when trying to make an Ogre? Trying to assign Nasty to it but it doesn't give any options.

Thoughts, am I missing something? Thanks!
3 years ago#2
BL2(hwAAAAAKYwmDRgAMCdED1GIYxGCAcAFDIob//xUY/v9HIDTDcIDw) - ogre (nasty)

BL2(hwAAAADq+AmDRgAMCdED1GIYxGCAcAFDIob//xgY/v9HIHzCcIDw) - plump


BL2(hwAAAABmfwmDRgAMCdED1GIYxGCAcAFDIob//xcY/v9HILTCcIDw bullet speed



BL2(hwAAAADq+AmDRgAMCdED1GIYxGCAcAFDIob//xgY/v9HIHzCcIDw) mag size
3 years ago#3
Much thanks! I actually loaded up the save and it was there in my bank with no name at all. Once moved to my inventory and equipped "Nasty Ogre" appeared. Is that normal? I created a new weapon in my bank instead of straight into my back pack.
3 years ago#4
might be an effect of the code . would have been easier to open the weatsands toon and just copy it from there. if there is an issue, pm me , and i can see if there is a difference in codes . this code came f*
3 years ago#5
Can't believe I didn't use this tool before, after I did what I wanted in the game myself.

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