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Just started the Dragon's Keep dlc and I have a question... (Archived)
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So, soloing Voracidous in UVHM, level 72, as Gaige. Without a Norfleet. (Archived)
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The moonlight knight356/23 6:22PM
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Most popular class? (Poll)
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London-SV186/22 8:29PM
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Three Horns Divide-Badass Nomad and Psycho don't respawn? (Archived)AxelOfTheFire46/22 12:43PM
Lead Storm's bullets don't work with Close Enough. D: (Archived)The moonlight knight16/22 12:02PM
Just got my first Bee! One question: (Archived)
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RadKickAss116/22 10:02AM
Mechromancer build to trump Maya.... (Archived)
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moonlithunter266/22 9:51AM
Trying to get to op8, need help please! (Archived)mitchmaster2526/22 7:53AM