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LF Cobra, Nukem and more (Archived)Jimasian21/21/2013
LF Twin Hornet or Loaded Hornet (Archived)Schweaninator21/21/2013
Savefile question (Archived)
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does anyone wanna do the new dlc story quests w/ me? (Archived)atrix1431/21/2013
High cooldown relic? (not modded) (Archived)JuicyBox71/21/2013
What is the most played character class? What is the least? (Archived)
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Anyone want to help me farm? (Archived)TheLastZwei11/21/2013
Tons of legendaries in my game right now, FR Me and join! (Archived)
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ISO these Seraph/Orange items. Donations accepted. (Archived)Gamer_Kykle71/21/2013
Best weapon to pair with the nerfed bee v. Terra? (Archived)
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Quick question bout season pass (Archived)
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Looking for Verm Class mods (Archived)gt6081a101/21/2013
No matter what, I can not find Michael. Halp please. (Archived)
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LF Commando legendary class mod / The sham or any lvl 50 shield.. (Archived)aspan32321/21/2013
what is override % ? (Archived)codebreak133761/21/2013
Do orange drops get more common the higher you go? (Archived)grocco31/21/2013
Season Pass on 11 GBP on PSN (Archived)dragonUK8221/21/2013
Legendaries/Verm (Archived)
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Wanna play together? (Archived)prinsen1221/21/2013
LF Mercomancer's Metal Blood Head (Archived)SkyNetWasTaken11/21/2013
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