Did Duke Nukem delay this?

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4 years ago#1
I think I heard it was the same company that worked on Duke Nukem as worked on this but I'm not sure if it was the same team - Can anyone more knowledgeable than I confirm/deny this 'cuz I'm interested. It just feels like this should've come out a long time ago and it prolly should've but more than that it feels like it's taking forever even since it was announced.

I just think it's a horrible waste if they actually stopped working on this to make Duke Nukem - If that's not the case, I'm glad to hear it. Either way I'm interested in whether that game being created had anything to do with this games' lengthy production or if they're just trying to do a good job. Judging by what they produced in the first Borderlands I have faith they can and will create something amazing yet again 'cuz even if they copy/paste most elements and slap a new skin on it it'll still be awesome!

I bought the first Borderlands day 1 for 360 and bought all the DLC for it day 1 as well. Later I rebought the GotY for PS3 and bought a copy for my brother as well. Borderlands 2 is the one game this year I'm sure I'll be getting on day 1 but man, it's been a long time commin'...
4 years ago#2
No, it had little to no impact. For one thing, three years is not that long of a time between game installments for most smaller studios. Borderlands was also a over performing game. No one expected it to sell four million copies. They weren't planning a sequel when it was released. Gearbox also probably has multiple development teams based on their release schedule. They also have two major games coming out in 2012, one of which started development before Borderlands 1 came out. Gearbox also had to layoff a good chunk of their staff before Borderlands 1 came out, so it probably took them some time to recover from that, as well.

Gearbox wasn't as heavily involved in Duke Nukem Forever as you probably think. Triptych Games didn't even bring it to Gearbox until February 2010 (a little over a year before the game went gold) and the PC version was very close to complete at that point. They didn't start from scratch or anything. They were also working with the core design team from the last attempt to make the game.
4 years ago#3
considering how little effort was put into duke Im saying no
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