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I have a friend who is a games journalist; a few days/weeks back he was invited to a private gaming session where he and others got to play the game for 4 hours. When he played he chose a class called Gunzerker. Basically this class allows the player to dual weild any two weapons! Even Rocket launchers. Now lets say the level cap is 90 and i'm strolling around with two level 90 rocket launchers one incendiary and the other corrosive would i be to overpowered? I know the Borderlands franchise is weird and wacky but is this too far? I have to say thought it would be pretty cool to stroll around with one Corrosive SMG to kill the shield and an incendiary SMG to kill the enemy but once again. Overpowered? Please share your thoughts!
3 years ago#2
Well for one thing, the dual wielding is the gunzerkers class skill, so it's not like you can permanently run around with two launchers all the time (however im sure there will be COM's and talents to reduce cooldown times). Secondly, it's quite possible they'll add a damage reduction on the second hand weapon but at this point anything is speculation,
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3 years ago#3
Gunzerker can't aim while dual wielding and his skills are devoted are heavily centered around automatic weapons. Outside almost point blank range, dual wielding is likely going to do less damage than using one weapon.

From the sounds of it, you can either permanently dual wield or reduce the cooldown to less than the duration. However, this requires a massive skill investment and to be continuously killing enemies in combat. Skills put into dual wield are points not being put into more directly useful skills, as well.

Rocket launchers were also abysmal weapons in the first game.
3 years ago#4
Thanks your comment is probably true, because they wouldn't overpower the character that much but then again foes level up as you do so it wouldn't really be overpowering. Unless there is some kind of online multiplayer you would get high levels just pwning!
3 years ago#5

well, they did say that they were breaking a lot of rules whit the gunzerker. like dual wielding when you go down. i don't think that they're gonna nerf salvador. it's more likely that they'll adjust the enemies and such. who knows, maybe such an overpowered skilled was needed with all the kind of madness that we'll go through?

3 years ago#6
What nerf? Just because you have two weapons does not make you twice as powerful. You lose the aim function, which is basically required for many weapons to land most of its shots. In addition, the skill investment to keep it running is massive.

Right now, there are five skills devoted solely to letting you use dual wield. This is not counting the recoil and accuracy skills you almost assuredly need to hit something reliably at even midrange. None of these skills provide any other benefit. I'm really not going to be shocked if it turns out ignoring Dual Wield can result in a higher damage character and Dual Wield basically is only useful for tanky Salvadors.

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