It unlocks at 9:00PM superior west coast time

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sirspankyjnco posted...
East coast gets all major holidays earlier so it balances out.. plus in hawaii when people are getting off work east coast people are going to bed...

Oh and, I dunno, they're in Hawaii. So there's that.

Edit: FML I pulled a their.
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As an east coaster, I'm just happy that it releases midnight eastern time so I can at least mess around with it for an hour or so before bed. Midnight pacific (3 AM eastern) releases are a real pain. I convinced myself to wake up at 3 AM to read a few books the second they released on Kindle (Amazon uses pacific time on everything) and wound up having some miserable days as a result.
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DuDuDu10101 posted...
but then i feel bad for you cuz you live in the UK when you're butt raped on everything you buy, especially games

Durr they got the last series of Pokemon before NA.
Why are so many people in personal ads looking for D&D free? What's wrong with a little tabletop roleplaying?
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2 days and 22 hours left!

I feel special....