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4 years ago#1
Those unfamiliar with Michael Mamaril he died of cancer and a friend asked valve to make a eulogy for him with claptrap. Gearbox did this and went a step further putting him in Borderlands 2 he is supposed to appear in sanctuary each time you load into the place in a random spot. I have yet to find him.

Has anyone encountered him yet? He will give you a blue quality or better item upon speaking with him. Higher your level the better.. Reportedly this is working fine on PS3 and 360 but as of yet PC players have not encountered him. Now saying that the console players don't seem to be big on detail for this at what level or progression in the story did they first start seeing him, I am thinking that may be the issue. that or he is bugged.
4 years ago#2
UPDATE: All his locations, at least it is assumed this is all of them.

Next to the newspaper stand in city square
Just Inside Red Lance HQ
Inside Dr Zeds
North of Dr Zeds, up the stairs near Claptraps stockpile
Behind the stairs next to Scooter
First alcove on the right heading towards Moxxxi's from the entrance
Standing to the left of the bar in Moxxxi's
Next to the piano in Moxxxi's across from Sir Hammerlock
In front of the Hostel/ Crazy Earls
In front of Marcus inside his gun store
4 years ago#3
I ran into him once at Marcus' in Sanctuary. So yeah, he appears for PC players too
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4 years ago#4
I found him. HE'S FREAKING AWESOME. (in the crimson raider HQ)

I got this cool shotgun for him. When it zooms in on a target, it locks on with a giant triangle. Granted, it's just a visual thing, but it's so damn cool.
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4 years ago#5
Ok so following that list in order can be down basically in a linear path in a circle around the town.

My guess is he doesn't appear till a certain point and I have heard he also goes away after a certain mission.

I have yet to kill the firehawk or do a lot of the missions in the town having just got there. Playign with a friend so I am kinda stuck till he can play lol
4 years ago#6
He doesn't appear after a certain mission, the mission is obvious for those who have done it.
4 years ago#7
the question is when does he start showing up
4 years ago#8
PC seemed glitched. Majority never see him. 360 users get him 24 our of 25 times it seems.
4 years ago#9
El_Loco_Cubano posted...
the question is when does he start showing up

well, i encountered him last night, and the only mission i have left is a dam fine rescue (completed all optional missions prior to that and that is the only mission i have left). so it might be as early as that, or even earlier.
4 years ago#10
TheGlow posted...
PC seemed glitched. Majority never see him. 360 users get him 24 our of 25 times it seems.

Quoted For Truth!

But seriously, he is ridiculously hard to find on the PC version. I have looked for him about 50 times and I have found him once. Someone on the Gearbox Forums says that he was able to farm him 500+ times on the Xbox 360 version.

Makes me wonder which system has the "correct" spawn rate. I am kind of thinking that it is closer to the PC version. This leads me to believe that in a future patch Gearbox will "fix" the 360 version to a much lower percentage and all the 360 users will yell at the PC users for complaining in the first place and "ruining" their game.
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