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4 years ago#1
I just played A Damn Fine Rescue and got up to the Constructor fight (for the first time) and didn't have enough ammo to get through the contructors shields, so I did a bit of backtracking to find some more ammo. However, while doing this, I noticed the objective update and the Constructor no longer seems to be where it originally was and now I have to go and rescue Roland from somewhere else.

I'm assuming this was scripted and it isn't actually possible to beat the Constructor for the first time. Am I right in saying this, or is it actually possible to do so?
4 years ago#2
Spoilers from here on out, I suppose.

I actually assumed the same thing on this mission. Same issue as you, kept running out of ammo and (I was a bit underleveled) dieing. After a few rounds/time had passed, it skipped ahead and I had a rematch at the prison. I assumed "Oh, well, it was probably supposed to do that..."

BUT, yesterday I joined a friend just getting to this mission, this time we were both leveled a few rounds above the level of the enemies in the area, and took down the constructor in the first appearance on the dam. It really surprised me that he could be killed there; We both went down once because of the EXP loaders, but still managed to knock out the Constructor on the spot.
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4 years ago#3
The weakness to Constructors is the red eye that it uses to project and then construct loaders from. If you can shoot the defense deployer on top of the constructor just as it deploys that turret then you can stop it. I've died like 4 times fighting it the first time but I've learned how to kill it now.
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4 years ago#4
We just kind of used overwhelming force when we beat it with 2 people. Both of us had come across pretty strong rocket launchers, and had nearly maxed ammo, so we rushed in and hammered down with full force. Killed the constructor, revived as needed, and cleaned up the rest afterwords.
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4 years ago#5
Yeah, I was REALLY surprised when I joined a game and we managed to kill the Constructor at the Dam. I had figured it was scripted and everything, but nope...very cool.
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4 years ago#6
I didnt know that you could fight it on another level, i just killed it on the dam. i think using the sabre turret helped
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4 years ago#7
So if you kill it at the Dam do you still have to save Roland, or does that mission line end early? I assume Roland was only taken away again because I failed to kill it.
4 years ago#8

you kill the robot, roland gets free and both of you need to fight off some robots that fly in. after that he uses the fast travel nearby to get to sanctuary and you follow him if you'd like to.

that's pretty much it.
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4 years ago#9
Wait... What?

YOu can actually die and gets a longer mission if you don't kill the Constructor?

Funny stuff that they added branching quests like that
4 years ago#10
While the constructor on the dam was annoying, I did successfully beat it on my first try. However, when I later encountered a constructor that's blocking a path and actually shooting back at me rather than just spawning little bots, I got destroyed by it. Repeatedly. That's basically as far as I went last night, before giving up and going to bed. I'm hoping I'll be more successful next time I start up.
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