Why did the Psycho midget heatbutt the bandit in the intro video?

#1SiblingzPosted 9/22/2012 8:26:40 PM
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#2rapacioushoboPosted 9/22/2012 8:27:24 PM
...cause he is psycho.
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#3SumerianPosted 9/22/2012 8:27:40 PM
..."Psycho" Midget.
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#4NicoGrimmPosted 9/22/2012 8:28:02 PM
What part of "Psycho Midget" do you not understand?
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#5BigJuicyOrangePosted 9/22/2012 8:29:06 PM
answers are superb
#6Cpubot_Posted 9/22/2012 8:29:58 PM
Why did no one seem to care? Gearbox ignoring it's own canon.

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#7ClaptonvaughnPosted 9/22/2012 8:55:11 PM
The real question is, why he did headbutt that particular bandit and not the others? is there history there? An old quarrel over the love of a woman, or perhaps...for each other?

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#8Siblingz(Topic Creator)Posted 9/22/2012 9:44:09 PM
Maybe the Psycho midget has a more innocent mindset than we think. Perhaps he was simply looking for a playmate that could keep up with his antics. After the bandit was knocked out you could see the disappointment from the Psycho midget before throwing a tantrum on the hood of the car.

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#9DifferentialEquationPosted 9/22/2012 9:46:27 PM
I came into this topic expecting a punchline.
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