Did anyone find Wilhelm to be incredibly easy?

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User Info: UltraCookie

4 years ago#1
They spent all this time building him up, but I tore him to pieces with a corrosive pistol in seconds. The characters had barely just finished discussing how I wouldn't stand a chance when he died. I was honestly expecting him to come back in a second form, or some joke where the real Wilhelm was some giant robot looming over me or something corny along those lines.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

4 years ago#2
You think that's bad? I one shotted him with Zero while in Decoy form.
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User Info: WhiteSkull

4 years ago#3
keep playing.

User Info: jakisthe

4 years ago#4
I know I did. Just unloaded on him constantly with a corrosive shotgun. At first I assumed that I was just getting down the first form or something, but...I don't think he even got the time to attack me.
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User Info: EZXSniperZzz

4 years ago#5

She was all like "OMG NOT VILHELM"

and I was all like "Uhh, we murdered him in like 5 secs"

and she was all like "OMG YOUS GUYZ SO BAD ASS"

And then a ****ing lab rat one shotted me.
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User Info: azuarc

4 years ago#6
WhiteSkull posted...
keep playing.

This. You'll rapidly see that Handsome Jack essentially sacrificed a killable Wilhelm for a greater purpose.
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User Info: DuDuDu10101

4 years ago#8
pfft Wilhelm was an understatement

i murdered jack's girlfriend and i tea bagged her with my big bazookas and my looooong bow turret
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User Info: Potentialawes

4 years ago#9
I remember my friends and I killed Blue so fast the chest for the quests bugged out mid air.

User Info: Ralta

4 years ago#10
As someone has said above:

It was completely intentional. Jack wanted you to kill Wilhelm and take his power core so that you would unintentionally sabotage the shields of Sanctuary.
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  3. Did anyone find Wilhelm to be incredibly easy?

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