whos action skill scales best?

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I cannot argue Gunzerker because it seems he is broken and more powerful than his comrades. The Bee + 2x CCx7 shouldn't be allowed in the game, but I will be taking him up next so whatever. I still cannot see how Zer0's invisibility scales better than phaselock...

Sal doesn't need the cheesy three to be awesome and scale like a boss.

zer0's cunning......last skill has kunai add in that it can activate death mark+20% dmg for 8 secs. also when i phase i heal to..now when its at 0.50 ssecs get out a shotty or sniper and watch the 2mill dmg go off.....
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Zer0's Deception just lets you get some ungodly burst damage all at once, great for taking down big enemies quickly. It's a little annoying sometimes that he's not invincible during it; however, that is manageable. The ridiculous amount of damage he can do with it makes up for it. I <3 being able to 1-2 shot Constructors all the time.
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Sal has the best action skill end game

twice the insane dps yes please

Vs endgame bosses he obliterates them

Axton comes in second

2 turrets with shield and missle (and if you want mag lock too) ohhhhhh damage

level 50 turrets chew through enemies and the only threat are super badass up

vs end game bosses his turrets do a bit of damage and distract a bit of fire

Zero is third

At least his action skill lets him run from end game bosses

Maya is dead last

Her action skill is useless vs bosses
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I'm pretty sure Axton's turrets scale with his level. Actually I'm positive they do.
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From: xSpydr07x | #007
I'm surprised Zer0 gets so many nods on this. Imo, it's a very generic phasewalk because you are not invincible during it... So while it can get you out of near death, any random aoe will kill you anyway.

He didn't ask for usefulness. He asked how it scaled. Zero's scales off of the damage he does. Meaning the better guns he has, the more damage his skill does. Also, it is a useful skill anyway. Just because you throw your decoy out in front of you and stand next to it to get hit by everything doesn't mean it's the least useful.

From: Crimson Phantom | #013
At least his action skill lets him run from end game bosses

Another person who only uses Zero's ability to flee. Shocking.
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Crimson Phantom posted...
Maya is dead last

Her action skill is useless vs bosses

I take from this that you never used Cataclysm Maya. Because phaselock is very useful on bosses, even against those that can't be locked in place. You burn/corrode/shock/slag the target, gather all the nearby normal monsters around (so grenades, rockets or even Chain Reaction can also wipe them out while you kill the boss) and at the same time deal a high burst damage to the boss. For me, that sounds more useful than a most of the skills.

People really tend to really underestimate the burst damage Phaselock gets against immune targets. For example, on playthrough one, a phaselock boosted by Helios and Ruin can one-shot a Buzzard (a target that is immune to locking). On TVHM, it can finish off a Buzzard with about 80% of his health. And you get to do that damage every 12 seconds (or less if you invest on cooldown).
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I don't know about Ruin but Phaselock scales like crap for damage. Almost completely negligible.
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Stopthink posted...
I don't know about Ruin but Phaselock scales like crap for damage. Almost completely negligible.

I thought it scales well enough. I remember seeing some pretty high numbers from it towards the end of TVHM.
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Phaselock doesnt actually DO damage.

Now, Phaselock + Converge + Ruin + Helios + Cloud Kill + Chain Reaction on the other hand, is probably the most satisfying this you can do in this game.
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I just got on my Maya and respecced to Harmony to test it without Ruin and Helios. The raw damage from Phaselocking a lv50 Buzzard was enough to take 20-25% of its health.

For me that's good enough. It's surely not OP, but I don't think it's underpowered either considering how often you can do it.