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If Gearbox had to bring one of the Vault Hunters out of the closet, who'd be?

#1A_MonsterPosted 10/7/2012 5:24:08 PM
Seeing as how DC comics made the latest iteration of Green Lanturn gay, I think we need Gearbox to set an example....but who shall it be?
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#2TheFlemPosted 10/7/2012 5:25:42 PM
Roland obviously.
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#3Chaotic_AnarkiPosted 10/7/2012 5:25:59 PM
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#4GroadergreenPosted 10/7/2012 5:26:44 PM
TheFlem posted...
Roland obviously.
#5mcrskyline2Posted 10/7/2012 5:27:02 PM
id vote for brick
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#6lYMICrazylPosted 10/7/2012 5:30:45 PM
None. Because that would ruin my playthrough as one of those chars.
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#7Okay_ComputerPosted 10/7/2012 5:35:51 PM
Probably Brick or Axton...

Didn't one of the developers imply they were all bisexual though?
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#8Hyper Knux522Posted 10/7/2012 5:37:10 PM
Chaotic_Anarki posted...

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#9DifferentialEquationPosted 10/7/2012 5:42:52 PM
Maya and Lilith, simultaneously.
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#10ChazorePosted 10/7/2012 5:49:27 PM
DifferentialEquation posted...
Maya and Lilith, simultaneously.

This so much this