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best Zero skill tree for co-op?

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4 years ago#1
I've been playing with three friends (Gaige, Maya, Axton), we're level 19-22, and I feel like they're just doing all the work. I was originally following the Sniping tree, but then switched to Cunning because I felt like Death Mark would make me a bit more helpful ._.

this is what I'm planing in the long run

Also, what's his best PvP tree? I would think that it'd be Bloodshed
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4 years ago#2
Now, I'm currently playing solo, with the Sniper tree, but I feel like B0re with a high effect chance (i.e. 50% or higher) Slag Sniper Rifle or a high RoF slag SMG would be better than Deathmark. It seems to me like this would be safer and more effective, given it would result in 2x damage on an enemy vs. 1.2x damage AND needing to get in melee range. Granted I don't think some enemies CAN be Slagged (perhaps I've just been extremely unlucky), for which Deathmark would be helpful, but those are also enemies I would rate as extremely dangerous to get close to.

I think Bloodshed and Sniping are about equal in PvP - it just depends on how well and how quickly you can aim.

On a side note, this is what my tree currently looks like:
I'm going to finish the Sniping tree with Critical Ascensi0n when I level again, but I don't know where I'll go from there. I'm thinking Killer and/or 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill. What would you all suggest?
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4 years ago#3
Until Zero hits a bottom skill tree level, he won't be very useful. And i say this as a player that picked him as the first character to play as with the most time invested in.

Now this is what I use

My skill tree offers a good mix of being offensive and defensive. And it has a lot of bonuses to melee attacks. However if you want instead of focusing on bloodshed, focus on getting Bore and Velocity instead. Zero is one of the best characters with shotguns in the game, next to Gaige. Give him a good Torgue or Jakobs and he'll be set. Bonus if you have a 1 shot per magazine plus fast reload on either shotgun. I would then recommend putting a few points in One Shot One Kill for that bonus damage.

Also, keep in mind once you have Death Blossom, you'll be able to take down constructors and other badass enemies in just a few seconds on your first playthrough. In my opinion what Zeros do for teams is that they take care of that one Badass/Super badass that the team is struggling with while they have 10 other enemies shooting at them.

As far as PVP, I have no idea. I barely PVP'd with anyone but a few randoms, and Death Blossom at the start of the match usually killed everyone, but it never felt like serious matches.

Hope that helps.
4 years ago#4
For what it's worth, I ran a zero with the Bloodshed tree in co-op, both with one other player (a Gunzerker) and two (the 'zerk and a Mechromancer). He (it?) was beast. If you really commit to that tree, with class mods, saving weapons that have melee damage bonuses, etc. Zero gets to some serious whooping in that tree. For a recent, and somewhat OP, if anything, build, I did NOTHING outside of that tree until he hit the capstone.

The only thing you'll have diffiulty with, IMHO, are some of the bosses that you can't melee. Then you'll have to help out the team and use a high damage sniper without the Sniping tree bonuses. So, I keep a class mod that helps me switch. I'm in my second (TVH) playthrough at level 38 or something now and really enjoying my Zero build. ALSO keep in mind that you can re-spec your Zero for not very much (less than the cost of dying) if you want to do that it's almost always available for bosses.

Finally, there is a gun you can get in the Pirate DLC if you have it that is great for that build. Just FYI.

Finally, remember that if you're in 4 player co-op, there aren't as many kills to go around and you might want to take skills that are not kill skills. I took hardly any, instead getting enough points to hit another level by taking points in other things (for example, taking 5/5 in both level 1 skills, eventually - not at first).
4 years ago#5
Killing Blow seems kind of wasteful. What counts as low health? Does KB make a big difference?
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4 years ago#6
From: Botnus912 | #005
Killing Blow seems kind of wasteful. What counts as low health? Does KB make a big difference?

Depends on the enemy. A boss can get ohko'd at like 25% health or whatever the value is that activates it.

But in most cases, it's not worth maxing out.
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4 years ago#7
Killing blow has been useful for me in situations where I see an enemy with about 30% health left if I'm close enough the melee will usually take it out. Just part of my play-style.
4 years ago#8
can Execute cause critical hits? Can I aim it towards the enemy's weak point?
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4 years ago#9
I haven't noticed getting Crits with Execute. I use it moreso to reach targets that are far away within the 5 second invisibility.
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