Cant figure out how to unlock head/skin

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4 years ago#1
I just stared the game and I have already collected some heads and skin for my character. I cant figure out how to actually use the head/skin. When i go to a vendor and go to the "sell" option, I can see the head and skins and it says "Unlocks this head for the quick change system when used from inside your inventory". I have gone to the quick change machine and I didn't see the head, and when I go into my inventory, I cant find the head. So i'm not sure how to unlock it from inside my inventory.
4 years ago#2
You go into your inventory and use it, it adds it to the options in the quick change stations. Simple, really.
4 years ago#3
When I hit tab and go to my inventory (where I can select my weapons/shield/gernades) it doesnt show up.
4 years ago#4
you need to go to your inventory
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4 years ago#5
Ok, i figured it out, I didnt know you could click on the word "backpack" and it changes what it will display.
4 years ago#6
You probably needed to scroll down.
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  3. Cant figure out how to unlock head/skin

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