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anyway to change controls for vehicles? (Archived)WolfGame8919/22/2012
Level 8 Siren here. Steam Name: AksTheBloo. Play with me. (Archived)sindetta_X719/22/2012
Area Comparisons: BL1 to BL2 (Archived)Ralta19/22/2012
If I unlock a character specific skin on one character.. (Archived)CrazyLarkin39/22/2012
Hate the black outline? (Archived)MrPlankton19/22/2012
How does the itemization in BL2 compare to D3? (Archived)
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Train Glitch (Archived)sintygypsy29/22/2012
Friend getting random gold keys? (Archived)devilman10839/22/2012
I think the PC board should be the top board for forums instead of the 360 board (Archived)lazycomplife29/22/2012
Anyone else hate how inconsistent the Cloud Service is? (Archived)Fission_MaiIed59/22/2012
...Dying for absolutely no reason? (Archived)RPGman139/22/2012
My favorite thing about borderlands 2 is... (Archived)potatochobit19/22/2012
My only real gripe about the game. (Archived)AtmaWeaponX99/22/2012
About badass challenge unlocked skins (Archived)KlistZero49/22/2012
WHATS your Favorite Voice Actor? (Archived)PANDA51079/22/2012
Computer noob here needs help (Archived)FaithInAll99/22/2012
I have never laughed so hard in borderlands before. Spoilers. (Archived)meteor666649/22/2012
Massive improvement on the original (Archived)
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When will the Mechromancer be ready for the PC? (Archived)furygods39/22/2012
Is the Xbox 360 version pc on medium low or medium high? (Archived)
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