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is it just me or do chests have diminishing returns? (Archived)p_O_29/21/2012
Roland Safe quest bug.. (Archived)Kyatsune49/21/2012
This game isn't really balanced for playing solo. (Archived)
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Master Cilander249/21/2012
Season Pass on Steam (Archived)TakingBackAndy79/21/2012
Stop complaining about this game being modded / hacked (Archived)potatochobit59/21/2012
Lighting the net bug? (Archived)TowerBooks319289/21/2012
Class that resembles a support Roland? (Archived)
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Skills exceeding five points. (Archived)
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Please don't take away my gold keys (Poll)potatochobit99/21/2012
Golden Keys Exploit: Patched - No Punishment. (Archived)BeatItUpRight89/21/2012
Voice chat lag issues? (Archived)SpacedDuck49/21/2012
Pretty sweet low level guns (Archived)Geo_Charger29/21/2012
Problem Connecting to friends? Looking for help. (Archived)
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Free Golden Key (Community Day Event) (Archived)_AverageGamer29/21/2012
Golden Keys (Not an editing thread) (Archived)
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When can you play the Creature Dome? (Archived)Erik_MGS39/21/2012
What level are you around at the end of the first playthrough? (Archived)rabbi_baby79/21/2012
Roland cries himself to sleep at night. (Archived)3starborris109/21/2012
Bane is the best gun in the game (Archived)neon screen89/21/2012
My complaints so far: (Archived)
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