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tinkering in game files and found this....(not golden key) (Archived)alex934969/20/2012
Any way t reset Golden Keys? (Archived)
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PhysX grayed out, can't select it - I have a 550 TI (Archived)QTx31415979/20/2012
If this song is not in Borderlands 2, I'm not buying it. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Um...dual wielding snipers as a Gunzerker? (Archived)Tirriou69/20/2012
Whats with the fat guys that turn to Red Skull? (Archived)MasterMichael69/20/2012
Do you need to play the first game to enjoy the second? (Archived)PsychoticFury59/20/2012
Terribly unfunny. (Archived)
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Do we ever see the other Sirens? (possible spoilers) (Archived)NicoGrimm79/20/2012
I wish the Practical Shotgun 1340 was stronger. (Archived)NicoGrimm69/20/2012
I had a level 12-13 green rocket launcher with 2067 damage (Archived)MasterMichael59/20/2012
Hmm...guns for commando... (Archived)
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anyone know where the fuse box is?(tannis echo quest) (Archived)nonloser8729/19/2012
Anyone want to start a new game? (Archived)GTGD19/19/2012
Extra Product Key (Archived)KHLVR4life39/19/2012
The Endkindling? (Archived)svr2006gawd49/19/2012
The kung-fu bandit has fallen. (Archived)Disastersaurus19/19/2012
how to play this game on the 2nd monitor (Archived)TirMcDohl39/19/2012
Why does my game start from the beginning? (Archived)eathb_au39/19/2012
how do i unlock the door in my hideout in sanctuary? (Archived)Squall070829/19/2012
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