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So what's the point of this game? (Archived)
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Intro video music? (Archived)Viper11439/19/2012
Can I use anti-aliasing without making the HUD blurry? (Archived)fi3rcedragon69/19/2012
explain leveling up and the tokens from challenges plz (Archived)OldSkoola00159/19/2012
Splitscreen on PC? (Archived)
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How do you play back old ECHO recordings? (Archived)Marikhen39/19/2012
Anyone up for co op starting from scratch? (Archived)GOOOKU49/19/2012
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Co-Op...1 character per mp game? (Archived)Darksta89/19/2012
Is it possible to copy a safe file and use that on my friends computer? (Archived)megamanzero100039/19/2012
Eridium? (Archived)Ork_Hero59/19/2012
Siren question (Archived)kroonermanblack49/19/2012
Best weapons to shoot from hip? (Archived)tslu89/19/2012
Every time I open up the game the MS .Net Framework thing reinstalls... (Archived)
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Maya's Sweet Release is Bias Toward My Friends...... >_> (Archived)Death Durron29/19/2012
Cult of the Vault, Locations? (Archived)TheJokaWild8719/19/2012
Sorry for another one of these, but... how will my laptop run the game? (Archived)booyaka61959/19/2012
Have the day off, just bought the game, anyone want to do a fresh game? (Archived)SirGizmo19/19/2012
Played online for a bit - now offline starts at first mission? How do I fix it? (Archived)chaldoplaya28839/19/2012
Quick multiplayer question before I buy (Archived)booboy59/19/2012