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Is this game better than Borderlands 1? (Archived)DillMan92689/19/2012
will i have a gold key if i start a new character? (Archived)MiCc_FiTz29/19/2012
Who is the best melee class? (Archived)Dinglesteed39/19/2012
accidentally used my golden key... (Archived)
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Not sure why I'm getting some poor(ish) performance. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
dark trunks379/19/2012
Scooter makes a swastika with his body when you first meet him (Archived)aMonsoone19/19/2012
i have a consistent stream of **** seeping out of my *** while playing (Archived)hackeract69/19/2012
Borderlands 2 24-hour Marathon, 1-3 videos every hour, little to NO Commentary! (Archived)
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System Requirements Lab is full of s*** (Archived)Psycho_Poodle39/19/2012
Thinking about purchasing, but can my pc run it at good settings? (Archived)G3T_IN_MY_B3LLY39/19/2012
How well will a 560ti handle this game? (Archived)The_Count_Foo79/19/2012
Ellie reminds me of Sandy Cheeks (Archived)MasterMichael29/19/2012
Anyone want to squad up right now? *Axton-Level 15* (Archived)therickmu2519/19/2012
Looking for first time playthrough players (Archived)muccmasterx59/19/2012
How do you get across those electric barriers again? (Archived)AbsolutelyAlex89/19/2012
Bastion music? (Archived)Inyane89/19/2012
whats everyones fielf of view set at (Archived)
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Gunzerker appreciation topic (Archived)B4TT3RY69/19/2012
Can't replay audio logs? (Archived)Gojak_v359/19/2012
A new Steam BL2 buddy list topic! (Archived)Greendragon85469/19/2012
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