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How do I use the trash system on PC? (Archived)
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Rakkman (Archived)WynnSilvergaze29/19/2012
Anyway to get a golden key if I didn't pre-order (Archived)v300749/19/2012
Sanctuary chest? (Spoilers, not the Golden Chest) (Archived)Cereburus Q39/19/2012
has anyone evry lined up three borderlands symbols on the slot machine? (Archived)popnkorn99/19/2012
"Borderlands 2 launcher has stopped working" (Archived)therickmu2559/19/2012
Trading Vladof Sickle skin for Gunzerker (Archived)zefig19/19/2012
Is there a limit on how many golden keys can be use? (Archived)derekra49/19/2012
Framerate issues w/ coop (Archived)KJay48939/19/2012
Any fix for the gore glitch? (Archived)
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Saw this on reddit, 100% Bonus All Stats. (Archived)
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Item rarity? (Archived)
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Is anyone else getting a lot of shadow striping? (Archived)Iron_Moses29/19/2012
Anyone having a slight freeze when using 'Push-to-talk'? (Archived)SpydaMang00739/19/2012
SSAO on or off (Archived)OldSkoola00149/19/2012
Is there anyway to unlock Vault Veterans without buying the game? (Archived)popping4it49/19/2012
Coop fixed? (Archived)Reidlos_65099/19/2012
Wow I bought this game pc compared to console the oc community rocks. (Archived)Blueandwhite8749/19/2012
Anyone know where I can find a rocket launcher? (Archived)Ironsoul49/19/2012
Anybody have an extra Premiere Club code? (Archived)TheEquiliz3r59/19/2012