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Another can I run it, sorry. (Archived)plyzorba1109/19/2012
Lower Level Players (Archived)mosley_mikey29/19/2012
Any one want a Sniper Relic? (Archived)Succubus19139/19/2012
Set difficulty as if there were 4 players? (Archived)muccmasterx39/19/2012
Class comparison - Action skills video (Archived)
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a Sager NP9130 laptop with a GTX 670M/i7 processor vs Xbox 360 console version? (Archived)Psycho_Poodle79/19/2012
So is it safe to say this game is amazing? (Archived)FelixTrapper109/19/2012
are pistols a viable choice for a gunzerker? (Archived)Skunkdog149/19/2012
Why are you SCEAMING?! (Archived)____VS____29/19/2012
Part of the story, or did I mess up? (spoilers) (Archived)NicoGrimm49/19/2012
So, I think I'm starting this game for the fifth or sixth time (minor spoilers) (Archived)eco master49/19/2012
660Ti, my framerate blows. (Archived)
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how to expand back pack? (Archived)potatochobit69/19/2012
It's nice to see alot of the old characters coming back (Archived)potatochobit99/19/2012
How to turn on the power in Caustic caverns. (Archived)_Yag_49/19/2012
How large is the steam download? (Archived)
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Has anyone been able to read the QR code on Moxxie's piza boxes? (Archived)
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Borderlands 2 =/= Call of Duty... 2/10 (Archived)
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Any collectables guide yet? (Archived)sirspankyjnco29/19/2012
Anyone else think this feels better with a controller? (Archived)
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