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axton nuke question (Archived)neo_one356669/18/2012
Any way to change vehicle controls? (Archived)teir39/18/2012
I think one of my quests glitched (Archived)eathb_au49/18/2012
get anything useful from your golden chest? (Archived)
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I'm thinking Maya is going to be awesome late game.. (Archived)
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Where is the Premiere Club chest? (Archived)svr2006gawd29/18/2012
progress doesn't save if i do co op? (Archived)iimthomas49/18/2012
Will my computer be able to run this game? (Archived)AYB188219/18/2012
How do you access the Slaughter Dome? (Archived)Cymerian49/18/2012
Preorder bonus? (Archived)AlleRacing49/18/2012
PhysX and my new video card (Need advice) (Archived)txraider1869/18/2012
Every time Axton talks, I expect him to yell something about orcs. (Archived)ArthasReborn59/18/2012
Anyone else enjoying how harder this game seems to be compared to the first? (Archived)double_nine19/18/2012
Do you ever actually see Handsome Jack's pony? (Archived)OnlineFailure39/18/2012
Help me improve my experience. (Laptop overclocked) (Archived)Proudclad69/18/2012
Cmon Australia, break that steet date! (Archived)Xerocage39/18/2012
Issues installing BL2 from disk (Archived)Calamity_Intent19/18/2012
Golden Key and Bonus Content are all stored locally... (Archived)Artemis_Fei89/18/2012
How do you use more than one Golden Key? (Archived)earvcunanan69/18/2012
IDK, what version to get (Archived)
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